TWE gained ISO 9001 certification in early 2013. View our certificate at the bottom of this page.

Quality Policy

TWE are committed to providing quality services in the Fabrication of Pipe and Steel Structures and Labour Supply of Professional Welding Trades persons to customers across a wide range of commercial, industrial and government projects.


To ensure these objectives are met, Management has established, documented and implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS) to provide quality products and services that consistently meet our customer’s requirements, enhance customer’s satisfaction and maintain compliance with all requirements of the ISO 9001 Standard.    


TWE are committed to continually improve the effectiveness of their quality management system, through communication and reporting at Senior Management Reviews, to ensure our IMS remains effective and suitable to our Business objectives and the safety of our Workers.


Our approach to customers is one of developing good relationships and meeting customer expectations. Our commitment in actively pursuing quality, reliability, safety and environmental professional services to meet our customer’s needs is reflected in the support of our workforce and our suppliers of products, services and materials.


Welding Qualification

AS1796-2001 Certificate of Competency Gained Code - Qualified welders have all or majority of the below certificates.

No.  Certificate
1 MMAW of carbon steel plate/pipe-both sides
1E MMAW of carbon steel plate/pipe-one side
2 MMAW of carbon steel pipe-one side
3 MMAW of alloy steel plate/pipe-both sides
3E MMAW of alloy steel plate/pipe-one side
4 MMAW of alloy steel pipe-one side
5 GTAW/MMAW of alloy
7 Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW)-one side
8G Gas metal-arc welding (GMAW) of plate/pipe

Total Manpower Resources

Codes, Standards and Qualifications

TWE have experience in the following Codes, Standards and Specifications.


List of materials that TWE have welding experience in:

Carbon Steel

Chrome Molybdenum

Stainless Steel

Duplex & Inconnel

Special Services

Procedure Specifications (WPS) & Procedure Qualification Records (PQR)

TWE can prepare Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) & Procedure Qualification Records (PQR) to the relevant standards applicable to the project. Below you can download sample WPS and PQR's.