Sugarloaf Water Pipeline

Melbourne Water / Pipe & Civil Construction
Man Hours
10,000 +
Carbon steel
Nil Loss Time Injuries (LTI)


An alliance between John Holland, GHD, SKM and Melbourne Water was formed to deliver the Sugarloaf Pipeline Project (SPP).  The SPP was a $750 million, 70km  pipeline with associated infrastructure to link the Goulburn River near Yea to the Sugarloaf Reservoir in Melbourne's north-east.

Pipe & Civil Constructions were contracted to perform the 44km of pipe installation including welding and associated earthworks. The pipeline is a 1751mm diameter fully welded mild steel cement lined pipe line.  The scope of the works required excavation, pipe laying, welding, coating reinstatement and backfilling  the pipeline. It also included the installation of pipeline structures including air and scour valves as well as welding 35km of 1.751m diameter water pipeline for backup water supply to Melbourne refer to photos below.

This large scale project required a work force of 120 including project management staff, supervisors, operators, welders, general labour and various other skilled personnel.

The installation of the pipe was an earthwork intensive process that required the use of an 85 tonne excavator as well as various other pieces of Pipe & Civil Constructions specialised plant. 

Quality, Safety and Environment management are of significant importance to Pipe & Civil Constructions just as it is to the Sugarloaf Project. Substantial amounts of time were spent in the planning and preparative stages specific for the Sugarloaf Pipeline Project, to ensure the best industry standards were being maintained throughout Pipe & Civil's involvement with the project.


The following photos show examples of  welding 1.7m diameter water pipeline (35 km) for the back-up water supply to Melbourne.

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