No.3 Vessel Replacement


This is an independent report on the Installation of the new No: 3 Vessel at BlueScopes Steels Basic Oxygen Steel making Plant (B.O.S) in Port Kembla during the 42 day shut down in November/December 2004. This report only covers the installation and welding of the 8 Lamellar Suspension Brackets and the guides systems, as well as all auxilillary attachments to the Trunnion and to the vessel. It does not take in account the work that was carried out in the pit area.

  • Procedure Qualification Records (Welding Procedures)
  • Welding Procedure Specifications (Welder Qualifications)
  • Technology Welding Engineering

TAFE Training

Prior to the shut down commencing, two groups, each containing 10 welders were taken to TAFE for 3 days totaling 24 hours. The objective of this training was to further the welders skills and to mould them into two teams, where they could come together and bond into a team atmosphere. What we did in this course was to familiarize the welders in the tasks they were about to under take. This included getting the welders used to the welding process of Flux Cored Arc Welding, the consumables, FluxoFil 35, Verticor 3XP H4, and the Excalibur E4818 A1.

Following this, they practiced welding using these consumables on the different Joint types and in the positions to which they would encounter. Also during the course, the welders were introduced to the conditions that they will find themselves in, such as the heat, the noise and the confined and cramped conditions, as well as working in and adjacent to a operating plant.

We also gave them lectures in Welding Procedures, Welding sequences, machine maintenance, cutting and gouging, non-destructive testing and Safety, which included a BlueScope representative conducting a Heat Stress lecture. This course I believe was a critical part in the success that was achieved on this project.


The purchase of the 6 new LN9 wire feed units from Lincoln were essential and proved to be an important asset.


  • FluxoFil 35
  • Verticor 3XP H4
  • Lincoln Excalibur E4818 A1


The Supervision on site was exceptional. All the Supervisors worked in Special mention must be made to Chris Bugeja and Albano Cazzoli, their  knowledge and expertise, along with their approach and dedication, and the way they conducted themselves were exceptional.

Personnel that need a mention

John Teodoro - For his assistance in setting up of the Testing Bays in the workshop, and for his help in setting up the machines, leads and the LN9’s in the welding machine containers that were on site. And also in the development and welding of the Verticor 3XP H4 welding procedures.

Colin Barry - For his assistance in organizing all the equipment, and his efforts in acting as a courier on many occasions between the workshop and site whenever we needed anything.

Dave Barlow - For his assistance day or night, and at times short notice in the repairing of some DC500 machines and LN9 wire feed units. 

Paul Condran - For his practical approach to the project, and his assistance in the development of the Procedure Qualifications, and also to his on-site support.

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