No 5 Blast Furnace Stoves

John Holland SMP
Man Hours
MMAW Butt welding of top shells (16Mo3 material) on Bluescope Steel for No.5 Blast Furnace Stoves Upgrading Project
Nil Loss Time Injuries (LTI)


On February 1 2006, Bluescope Steel with assistance from the John Holland SMP Double Shell team completed the commissioning of stove 53, the second of three to be completed in the Double Shell Project which began back in October 2004.

This project comprises three separate contracts. The first, the Knuckle Platform Project was awarded and commenced in April 2004 and involved the demolition of existing platforms on the stoves of the No.5 Blast Furnace and the fabrication & installation of new platforms for the completion of the “Double Shelling” of the 3 stoves. The Top Platform project, being managed as a variation to the double shell project involves the fabrication and installation of new Top Platforms of the stoves once the double shelling is completed.

The majority of site labour involved the placement & fit up of the plates for welding to stringent weld procedures using MMAW (stick welding) as per contract requirements. John Holland engaged a local subcontract welding company to complete the welding and 100% NDT record was maintained by Technology Welding & Engineering (TWE) Pty Ltd. 10.5 tonnes or 160,000 electrodes have been used to complete approximately 1000 metres of 100% tested weld, with a thickness range from 20 to 55 mm thick, without a rejectable defect.

  • Nearly half a kilometer of stainless pipe has been installed for the pressure relief systems for the stoves.
  • A total of 7 tonnes of stellatar has been mixed, trowelled on and poured into the gap.
  • A total of 16.5 tonnes of carsit has been poured into the gap between the double shells.
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