Oil and Gas Devils Creek Development

John Holland Group
Man Hours
51,000 +
Nil Loss Time Injuries (LTI)


Construction of an onshore gas plant and the onshore pipeline to the gas plant in addition to the non-process infrastructure (NPI) required on the site.

The Devil Creek Development Project will recover and process gas reserves from the Reindeer offshore gas field located approximately 80 km northwest of the Port of Dampier in Western Australia's Pilbara region.

The scope of works, incorporating a significant volume of earthworks and civil construction, included the construction of an onshore processing facility comprising gas treatment/dehydration, condensate liquid stabilisation, storage and road loadout, gas compression and metering.

An onshore pipeline was also constructed and tied-in to the gas plant. The treated gas is exported via a tie-in (by others) into the existing 1,600km Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline (the longest natural gas pipeline in Australia) that services a range of industries as well as both private and State Government owned gas and electricity generators and retailers.

The contract also included the construction of the permanent process and non-process buildings required on site including a warehouse/workshop, administration building, chemical and waste storage sheds and a condensate loadout shed.

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